A Total & Complete Obsession with Blazers

Lately, I cannot get enough of blazers. I wear them to work, to brunch, to date night, grocery shopping, walking the dog, etc. I think the only place I have not worn a blazer is to bed and that is because of my intense hatred of heat. Please see my post on Fall Fashion Must Haves for more information about why being hot is the worst…

Below are a few of my favorite places to buy Blazers and a few tips to not have to spend your entire wardrobe budget on just one jacket.

Rent The Runway

I have been doing Rent the Runway Unlimited for about 4 months now and it’s amazing! They’re items are all so well made and, while most are out of my comfort box, that’s what I love about it! I wear them once or twice as a statement piece, send it back, and pick out another!



So, Macy’s always has cute stuff and I am especially lucky to work near one of the largest on San Francisco’s Union Square but the trick is the Last Act! section! I am NEVER a fan of sifting through unorganized clothing but it is so worth it. The blue blazer is a Calvin Klein I found for less than $50 and the pink (that so wonderfully matches my keyboard) is a DKNY I found for less than $40!



To be honest, I love Nordstrom for so many things that I might as well add Blazers to that list. The mint below is by Mural and called the Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer, it’s soooo comfortable! I have had the black for foreeeeeeever so it’s no longer for sale but they have so many options that it is worth a look if you are looking for the everyday black power jacket.



This is actually very new to the list but I went in last week and Okaaaaaay, Target, Okaaaaay! They have a whole new line of business wear for women and I am here for it! I picked up the one below for around $30 and will definitely be back for others like a Navy Blue and Black!


Where is your favorite place to shop for Jackets and other Office Wear?



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