All About Chelsea!

I like Pretty Things and Witty Words.

I’m a girl from a tiny Nevada Cow Town Trying to Navigate City Life with Coffee in One hand and Champagne in the other.

I’m an avid cocktail connoisseur and a fiend for nachos with cheese SAUCE.

I am a Pescatarian 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time I have had too much bubbly and the only thing that will make me happy is Boneless Chicken Wings.

My three favorite things in life are Champagne, Fresh Flowers and Fireplaces (candles will suffice if no fireplace is available).

I loathe Ignorance, Bananas and Being Too Hot. In that order.

I’m a Wife, a Dog Mom, a Daughter, a Friend, and a Sister. Not in that order. Dog Mom comes first.

When I was putting this together, I asked my closest friends to describe me in three words. The most popular were: Witty, Bold, Confident (sometimes to a fault!), Independent (remember, I asked my friends, not my husband) and Caring. I just lahve them.

Welcome to my Crazy Life.