Advice for my 15 Year Old Self…

To be honest, I was a pretty happenin’ 15 year old. I wore those Adidas button up tear away pants, you know, just in case the Utah Jazz called me up for my big break (we were Jazz fans because Mormons…), I rode the bus, wore fake Puka Shells because I never actually went to Hawaii, my grandma worked in the cafeteria at the high school so I got to cut the line and eat my cucumbers with no skin (no shame, no regrets),  I ate outside with the church kids and I tried really hard in school, like really hard, Rory Gilmore hard.  So, “happening” is a pretty strong word…I pretty much had three friends and it is still up in the air if my parents were paying them or not.


Yeah…that’s my ride in the back.  No, not the jeep. The Mini-van

Being a teenager sucks.  If anyone ever tells you that high school was the best time of their life, walk away. Hell, run away. You don’t need that kind of delusion in your life, you’re going to make enough of that yourself.  But, if I had to do it all over again, I wish I had known these few things about my future.

On Being Popular…legitimately, High School means nothing in the large scheme of things.  Those kids that you think are so cool have just as many problems as you, if not more.  The girls that you think have it all are constantly second guessing themselves and having the same body confidence as you are.  Be kind. That is what people will remember about you.  Don’t ever let someone make someone else feel less than they are.  Intervene if you ever see it. Even as an adult.  Everyone will always remember how you made them feel and probably the swishy sound you made when you walked but that’s beside the point

On Education…Get it.  Be that girl that answers every question, even if you were wrong you will learn something. Strive to be in all of the best classes. Make friends with the teachers.  Use Study Hall to actually study.  People may think it’s super cool to be a slacker. Guess what? It’s not.  That person is now serving you your venti non-fat, soy vanilla latte with an extra shot while just now starting college classes (if they’re lucky because you turn out to be one hell of a tipper. Good for you.) Go to college. Read every article you can. Become so educated that you can have intelligent input in any conversation from the formation of the Islamic State to the benefits of a Vegetarian Diet on the environment.  But also, don’t forget to have fun and let other people have their opinions. Even if their opinions are ignorant.

On Fashion…Pinterest is coming. Be patient Young Padawan.  (Just kidding…you’ll still dress like you for years to come)

On Boys…Just get a dog. HA. But seriously, you’re going to have some real shitty ones like every other girl out there and you will survive.  Rely on your family and friends to get over them.  At 20 years old you’re going to go get donuts with this lanky guy at midnight and it’s all over from there.  Just don’t forget the dog because boys never grow up, they just get bigger. You’ll also start to enjoy the taste of wine (way too much but mom and all your friends are the same so it’s a total judge free zone). Open bottle upon sadness.

On Money…I would write here how you need to save and get your shit together but we both know that’s not going to happen so let’s move on and save ourselves the embarrassment.

On Making a Difference… You’re going to want to change the world.  Don’t ever lose that. Don’t ever think you are weak because of your empathy.  The world will need more people like you that care so much it hurts.

Just be yourself.  (Yourself minus those pants because good god girl, enough is enough.) Be Happy. Be Humble. Be Present. Be Kind.  Be Buzzed. Eat Plants. Sing Loud. Dance Crazy.  Laugh Hysterically. Love Hard. Let Go. Kick Ass. Know Your Worth.

You’ll still be working on these for another 50 years but again, you’re going to really like the taste of wine and it’s going to really love you.



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