Baby Shower Gifts for Anyone

Is it just me or is everyone getting pregnant and having babies!? I swear, 90% of my friends are announcing their pregnancies, having baby showers or having their adorable little bundles of (very mad) joy. Have you ever met a baby right out of the womb? That is the exact opposite of joy but what do I know? I’m so, so happy for them, trust me, I am not ready for Motherhood but it’s so nice to be able to live vicariously through them and spoil their kids with the loudest toys!

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Buy all the Babies all the Drums!

Now, with that being said, I have always stopped into Babies R Us (usually on my way to the baby shower, oops) but with them going out of business, this summer’s baby showers have proved to require more planning. Something I’m trying to get a lot better at!

So, I’m not really into taking a chance at stopping into an unknown store and getting something I may not love, or something they might not love, at the last minute and I needed to do a bit of research. I will save you the time I took to scoooour the web for the best online baby boutiques. Yes, you can go to Target or Amazon or another large chain but if you are looking for something really special or unique, these places are so fabulous You will love all of them! Or at least the adorable babies in pictures…

Tea Collections

I adore this place! They have a lot of clothes that have an international flair. They are at the top of my list because not only are they based here in San Francisco but they have the softest ( I MEAN SOFTEST) ethically sourced cotton and they give back to the Global Fund for Children with every purchase. Cuteness and Philanthropy! They have different collections come out based on the season and they are the most adorable of prints. I love that they now go up to size 16 so there’s something for all of your kids! So easy to match everyone for family photos!

Look at her!! So stinkin’ cute!

Hanna Andersson

My mom got me hooked on Hanna Andersson when I saw how adorable my stinker little brother looked in his Christmas pajamas! I’m honestly still upset she hasn’t bought me a pair yet. I’m waiting to buy my own out of pure principle. Anyways, they are soooo cute and soooo soft! Every baby in my life now has to own a pair of Hanna Andersson pajamas. The two piece set to be exact because baby pot bellies deserve to be shown. They have other items as well but once you get these pajamas, your kids will refuse to take them off so what’s the point of buying other things? There isn’t one.

Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton

Babies in Stripes are just the best thing ever

Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton


Little Blue House by Hatley

I stumbled upon Little Blue House when I was in Lake Tahoe one Summer and fell in love with the little shop and, since I can’t go to Tahoe all the time since we moved, I shop on their online boutique. I’m starting to see a bit of a theme of Pajamas but this place is sooooo cute too! They have Union Suits with “faux bum flaps” which in itself is enough but they also have a bear and moose line (this screams Christmas to me) and a TON of matching sets for Families. Helllllooooooo, Christmas Card photos!

Union Suits

Bear Bum. I meeeeean, c’mooon! THE CUTENESS

This family is winning the Annual Family Christmas Card Competition 

Uncommon Goods: Baby

I love shopping at Uncommon Goods for a lot of different things and Baby Showers are no exception. This is super great for someone who has everything they need or if you have a more quirky personality and they expect something a little different from you (my friends with all of me!).

Taco Booties

I mean, who doesn’t need Taco Booties!

Personalized Creations

My best friend got me hooked onto the Personal Creations website after her first baby (and our Goddaughter) was born! I am a huge sucker in anything personalized. It’s the best gift for everyone involved; grandparents, aunts and uncles, god parents, nanny, daycare worker, etc. I also love Personalized gifts because it’s obvious you put thought into the gift and that goes so far in a friendship or family! 

I am obsessed with these Grow Blankets! I know I want to watch Mason grow now…

Another favorite of mine will always be charity. If the parents have requested no gifts, a gift in their honor to a charity that is near and dear to their hear is such an incredible gift!

Well, hopefully this helps you find an incredible gift for any upcoming baby celebrations you may have! A huge congratulations to all those who are expecting and wonderful thoughts of Hope to all those trying.

Love, Chels

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