Chic Personalized Necklaces under $50

I am a toooootal sucker for personalized jewelry. Bracelets, rings, anklets (CAN WE PLEASE BRING ANKLETS BACK?!) and earrings but necklaces will always be my favorite because they are just so darn easy! They don’t catch on my backpack on the train (broke enough bracelets this way…), they don’t make my fingers look chubby (big thanks to my dad for passing down his hands to me…), I don’t have to take out my pearls (haven’t taken them out in three years) and on and on. Bottom line, necklaces are my bae and I geek out over personalized ones! My favorite ones (all under $50!!) are below!

Mavali Designs Initial Necklace:

I absolutely love all of the designs in this adorable Etsy shop. My husband and I had an Irish themed wedding so the clover charm was so, so perfect for me! I got a gold clover, an “L” for our last name and the birthstone of September, our wedding month! The creation and shipping was so quick and it was just absolutely perfect for our Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day trip!

Baublebar Alpha Layered Necklace

I am all about flaunting your name but I’ve never been into the whole script necklace (but if you are, GET IT GURL!). That’s why I love this one from Baublebar so much! The initial is on the shorter layer with a really chic and understated longer and larger pendant.

QQ47 Jewelry Coordinates Bar Necklace

Another Etsy favorite! I think the coordinates concept is so stinkin’ adorable. It’s such a cute concept for anyone! You can choose where you met, where you got married, engaged, your favorite vacation spot, where you had your first baby, anything! I love the choice of colors, too. I’m a sucker for anything Rosè Gold!

Personal Creations Petals of Family Necklace

This is is super, super cute as you can personalize your own birthstones along with a cute little charm with an initial! These are great for moms and grandmas and you can keep adding and adding!

GLDN Vertical Initials Bar Necklace

I love the lengthening look of a vertical bar Necklace! This one is so fun because you can make it all your own. You can do your own initials, the initials of the first name of your best friends or children, initials of your significant other, Channing Tatums initials, whatever you’d like! I just stumbled upon GLDN and their pieces are so delicate, gorgeous and affordable!

Do any of you have a piece of personalized jewelry that you just absolutely adore like my shamrock necklace?! I’d love to hear from you!



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