Date Ideas for the Kid in All of Us

I love a good candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant (like, a lot) but sometimes I want to let my inner child out (still must include champagne)! I think these sort of dates are great for my relationship and reminds my husband and I to have fun and let loose. You also learn a lot about the person you’re with…not everyone can handle getting their ass handed to them at Cruisin’ USA…(he still beats me at Mortal Kombat EVERY.SINGLE.TIME but he’s obviously cheating.)

As promised from The City Society, here are some of my favorite “Big Kid” dates fin San Francisco and how you can replicate it wherever you live! What are some of your favorite dates in your city?! 

Urban Putt Mini Golf

  •  This place is sooooo fun! I suck at mini golf like there’s no tomorrow but that’s fine because I walked in knowing that. Acceptance is the first step, right? I did Speech and Debate in high school, I had no chance at athleticism. Anyways, back to mini golf. This place has some craaaazy holes and not just for people like me. What they lack in ease, they make up for in design, every one of them is so fun! Our group of four had so much fun when we went! We grabbed a cocktail first then failed miserably at everything else. We were real good at drinking those cocktails though!
  • Your City: Find a mini golf course OR build your own! I might just do that now, too….

Coin-Op Game Room

  •  You guys, Pin Ball is my JAM! Like, my jaaaaaaam. My husband and I can play for hoooours, wasting so much money at the same time because we actually aren’t that good. At all. Don’t tell my husband. We found this adult arcade bar in the SOMA district of San Francisco and it’s AMAZING! They have two floors of games, everything you could think of, cocktails and greeeat food and all the fried things you should be eating when playing arcade games. It makes me feel so Stranger Things…
  • Your City: See if you can find an arcade (check yelp! I’ve found so many pinball machines in random dive bars on Yelp!) or make a game night at home with these few things I found: ____

Drag Queen Brunch at The Star Light Room

  • It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s Brunch and it’s Drag Queens and I have heard it’s AMAZING! This is on my list as I have not gone YET but I couldn’t put together a list of the best adult dates without including this. It’s located inside The Starlight Room, a bar at the top of the St. Francis hotel on Union Square and has one of the best views of the city but during “Sundays a Drag”, the curtains are pulled and the show starts!
  • Your City: Obviously see if your area has a drag brunch but if not, order in brunch (or get crazy and make it your own) and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race! Hell, put on a show yourself!

Picnic with a View, Board Games, aaaaand Cocktails!

  • Every city has great picnic spots so do some research and find them! For San Francisco, my favorites are Alamo Square Park with a view of the Painted Ladies, Listening to the Wave Organ on San Francisco Bay (Make sure to check the Tides and go at High Tide so you can hear it!), and Lands End. Take the hike up and really earn that champagne with the most incredible view of the Bay Area! Make sure to bring cards, your favorite board games (Sorry! is the best for a great time while also ruining relationships) and champagne or pre-made cocktails in mason jars! 
  • Your City: Picnics are great everywhere! Search online for some hidden spots to make it even more fun!

Murder Mystery at The Conservatory of Flowers

  • A girlfriend and I did this earlier this year and it was SO FUN! It’s a typical Murder Mystery dinner but there’s something about walking around the Conservatory that added such an incredible vibe to it! They do these mysteries for two runs a year but if that’s not your jam, they have so many other ones! Last Summer, they did a light show for the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love with food trucks and drinks, or Botanicals and Brews Beer Garden for beer lovers!  There’s always something to do in this area (like a picnic! Look at that…Full Circle).
  • Your City: There’s a lot of places that host murder mysteries, especially smaller venues so make sure to do a good search on google, Eventbrite, and Facebook! If you can’t find one, plan one yourself and throw your friends a party!

I hope you all have an absolute BLAST doing any and all of the above! Ya gotta let loose every once in awhile, it’s good for ya.

Love, Chels

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