Fabulous Fall Fashion Must Haves

I am addicted to Fall. I love everything pumpkin, the scarves, the boots, the changing colors, Mulled wine, Spiked Apple Cider, all the Halloween movies, Football Games, the anticipation of the holidays, all of it! I am basic and proud!

On top of all of those FAB things, there’s finally the chance to dress waaaaaaarm!

Summer time is not, and will never be, my jam. I hate sweating, I don’t like to show my arms. hair sticking to my neck is my personal hell on Earth and I swear my upper lip sweats 77% more than the average female.

With that being said, here are my 5 Must Have items as you transition your wardrobe into Fall, aka Autumn, aka The Best Season of Them All.

A Large Black Tote Bag

Okay, so, it doesn’t HAVE to be black but this is my world and….well, I’m just living in it. I like black because not only does it go with everything, but it’s work appropriate. Most people might say, “Well, Chelsea, couldn’t you have a large Black Tote Bag all year ’round?” Well, yes, you can. BUT! The reason it is so important in Fall is because…LAYERS. No matter where you live, you are going to go out in the crisp Autumn air with your scarves, hat, gloves, on your jolly way to the pumpkin patch or apple picking and then Mother Nature is just going to WHOP you a big 75* ray of sunshine. No one wants to be hot and sweaty (see my dislike for Summer above) or have to carry around all of their layers, just throw it in the Tote! It’s also great to carry around all the Spiked Cider you want. As long as you aren’t driving. My favorite is my new Tory Burch Robinson Tote! If you aren’t into black, there’s a ton of other muted colors perfect for Fall.


Camel Colored Shoes

Camel shoes just scream “IT’S FAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL” to me, especially if they are suede or leather. Ugh, so perfect. You don’t really see them in Spring and Summer because the water will ruin them and in Summer I’m too into whites and bright colors, so Fall is Camel Season. That sounds weird but we are rollin’ with it. Now, I prefer to fufill my camel colored shoe addiction in the form of pumps (specifically the Cole Haan pair I just purchased in the above and below photos) but flats, loafers, oxfords and booties are A-OK as well. They look great with black pants aaaaaand our next Must have….


A Great Pair of Dark Wash Jeans

Picking just one pair of my dark colored jeans is like asking to pick your favorite Starbucks Fall Special…impossible, so I picked two! I have always been a fan of True Religion (who hasn’t) so absolutely grab yourself a pair of those., the Curvy Skinny is my favorite (pictured above) but ALSO! I just fell into the financial black hole that is Good American Jeans. I completely splurged on them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I loved them in the dressing room and thought “Well, let me get them home and see if I still love them as much tomorrow. If not, I will return them.” YOU GUYS! I loved them more which I didn’t realize was even possible. They fit so incredibly well, they feed your ego by having you go 2 or 3 sizes down and they have different collections depending on if you are looking to flatter more of your waist, legs, etc. I got the Good Waist and I will never turn back!


A Fabulous Jean Jacket

I will admit that a lot of ladies wear jean jackets in the Summer and that’s fiiiiine but remember, I hate being hot so it’s absolutely not on my Summer wardrobe list. That is why I loooooove when the weather starts to cool down and I can thrown on some black ripped jeans, (Camel) pumps and distressed jean jacket, all without dying of heat exhaustion. I prefer my jean jackets to be oversized because if it’s super cold out there, I want to be able to put one or two of my 1000 sweaters under there without looking like the little brother from The Christmas Story.


A Football Jersey

Okay, so it might not be a MUST HAVE for everyone but in my family it is. I have learned that you have to get it from a reputable source. You don’t want any of those iron on numbers. Ya gotta’ see the stitching!


What are your Fall Fashion Must Haves?! I’m always looking for inspiration!

Love, Chels


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