Fabulous Finds Friday: June 8 ’18


Yaaaassss!!! It’s Friday! Which means it’s almost time for the weekend and, most importantly, Fabulous Finds Friiiiiiiday! Below are a few things I discovered, bought, drank or ate this week!

Wag! Waking App

When we moved to the Bay Area, our work commutes really changed and our Golden Retriever, Stella, was NOT happy about it and with good reason! We felt awful that she wasn’t able to have her usual lunchtime walks so we downloaded the Wag! Walking app and we are so glad we did! Stella LOOOOOVES her walker, more than us, and we love that she’s being taken care of. If you have a dog that get’s lonely at home, I highly suggest this app! Stella is really putting in the miles…


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I TRY (emphasis on TRY) to eat an anti inflammatory diet that includes no dairy and no gluten. I could not give up Sourdough no matter how hard I tried and then along came Bread SRSLY. It is SERIOUSLY so good! It tastes exactly like the Sourdough favorite I love but without the gluten. If you have a gluten intolerance, you can finally have Sourdough again! You can buy it online or at some specialty stores! Below is the packaging and a few things I have made with it!

Blind Tasting Wine and Beer Bar: Downtown San Carlos

This is the cutest new restaurant in Downtown San Carlos in the Bay Area Peninsula. It’s a wine and beer bar with a really delicious and a bit quirky menu. We love it because it has a really extensive wine menu, not only by the glass but fun flights! I always get the sparkling flight but I might branch out. One Day. Maybe. If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by and try the Chili Lime Soy Chicken Sandwich, Ahi Sliders, Cheese Plate, Beef Sliders, Flatbreads….okay, anything. Really, it’s all delicious! The staff is also really excellent. We went with a group of three along with our dog and there were no spots and no sign of anyone leaving anytime soon so they brought out a large picnic table, tablecloths and full setting! It was so amazing! We will be going there all the time!

Wide Leg Trousers

You guys. Why am I just now coming to the Wide Leg Trousers party?ย  I always thought they would look awful on me as I have some thiiiiighs but I branched out in the Dressing Room and OMGGGGG YAAASSS! I love them! I linked the ones I bought above (and they are on sale!) but here are a few of my favorite ways to style them!

Hailey Crepe Dress

THE CUTEST DRESS FOR SUMMER! You guys, it fits so well and is so comfortable and lightweight and comes in the cutest colors! It comes in and out of stock so if you don’t see the color you like in your size, keep checking back! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading! See you sooooon! Hope you find some things you love!

Love, Chels

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