Gifts for Every Type of Dad!

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and if you are still looking for a gift for the dad in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Below are a few ideas for any and every type of Dad from relatively reasonable to “WOW! That’s esspensive…but he’s worth it”. I hope you are able to find something for the guy in your life!

The Chef Du Jour

The Guy who spends all his free time in the kitchen and always has the latest cooking gadgets.

$1-$50: Williams Sonoma Smoker Box – This turns any grill into a smoker!

$51-$200: Hands on Cooking Class – This one is in SF so find a class in your area!

$200+: The KING of Kitchen Knives – Chef’s can wait years for an original but this is great for an at home Chef!

The Techie

The guy that knows all about the latest apps, phones and gadgets out of Silicon Valley.

$1-$50: Amazon Fire Stick – Let him watch all his favorite shows in one place!

$51-$200: Apple Air Pods – Wired Headphones are so 2015

$200+: A Camera Drone – To be honest, even I want one of these…

Parrot - Bebop 2 Quadcopter with Skycontroller 2 and Cockpit FPV Glasses - White - Front_Zoom

The Outdoorsman

This guy would rather be outside than ANYWHERE! Who needs a bed when you have a tent?!

$1-$50: Ultralight Hammock – Buy one he can hang in the yard and take backpacking

$51-$200: CamelBak: You can never have too many hydration packs!

$200+: A Yeti Cooler – All of his hunting buddies will be so jealous


The Bartender

He may be working a Monday-Friday desk job but you’d never know it by his Saturday night margaritas!

$1-$50: Flavored Simple Syrups – Watch him elevate the cocktail game with these!

$51-$200: Complete Absinthe Set – Most of his buddies don’t have this on their bar!

$200+: A Champagne Saber – I meeean! It’s a Champagne Saber!

The Fashionist-o

Stays up to date with the latest trends, Fashion Weeks and there’s no one else you’d rather take shopping.

$1-$50: Kiehl’s for Men Travel Kit: Keep his skin and hair flawless even on the go!


$51-$200: A “Royal Shave” from The Art of Shaving – Treat him like a King!

$200+: A Blazer/Sport Coat – Really splurge & let him design his own at Nordstrom!

The Movie Buff

Knows every movie coming out this year, the best at Movie Trivia and already knows the (best) outcome of next year’s Oscar’s.

$1-$50: Movie Buff Board Game The best Trivia Game for film fans!

$51-$200: Minimalist Movie Posters – Make sure you know his REAL favorite film!

The Post Minimal Movie Poster Canvas Art Print

$200+: Noise Cancelling Headphones – Let them watch their movie in peace!

The Dog Dad

He may not have Human Children but he’s still a dad!

$1-$50: Best Dad Dog Ever T-shirt– Tell the world who the best is!

$51-$200: GPS Tracker for Pets – Know where they are at all times!

$200+: Furbo Dog Camera – He never has to wonder what the dog is doing again!


The Country Clubber

This guy is all about the Club. Golf, Tennis and sipping on Whiskey with his buddies.

$1-$50: Monthly Sock Subscription – Fun socks just scream Golf to me

$51-$200: Personalized Whiskey Barrel – This will impress all his friends!

$200+: Golf Simulator – Dad can practice his swing no matter the weather!

The Band Mate

Most likely was in a band in college but had to focus on a different career to provide for you. This guy gave you your awesome taste in music!

$1-$50: “All the Songs”– Give your Beatles fan the history behind each song release!

$51-$200: Portable Turntable – He can take his favorite music anywhere and in style.

$200+: Signed Collectibles – Buy memorabilia from his favorite band & win the day

The Activist

Always up to date with politics and how decisions affect others. Has most likely been in more protests than he can remember. Taught you all about your civic responsibilities. Here are some ideas but I encourage looking into organizations close to his heart!

$1-$50: Leather Braided BraceletThis bracelet that can provide 19 Measles vaccinations! Shop around and see what each purchase can provide.

$51-$200: IRC Father’s Day Kit – IRC supplies victims of disasters with shelter materials and an emergency cookstove for warm meals.

$200+: A Large Donation to his favorite charity in his honor!

The Gamer

He still reminisces about the original Nintendo but can still kick your butt in any PS4 or online First Person Player game.

$1-$50: “What do you Meme?” – Board games can be just as fun as electronic ones!

$51-$200: Super NES Classic – No more reminiscing necessary!

$200+: A Brand New Big Screen TV –  Help him play in style!

The Fitness Fanatic

Stays in shape and makes time for a workout no matter what his schedule looks like. Taught you the importance of exercise and health which you are so grateful for!

$1-$50: Urthbox – Never let dad go hungry after a workout again!

$51-$200: Hyperice Ice Wraps – Don’t let dad get sidelined with injury!

$200+: Adjustable Dumbbells – Save dad a trip to the gym and set him up at home!

The Sports Encyclopedia

Ask him any question about any sport and he probably knows. Not a day goes by that you aren’t watching some sort of sports related TV program.

$1-$50: Ticket Stub Diary – Make sure he never forgets a game he went to!

$51-$200: Tickets to see his favorite Team – Nothing will ever top this!

$200+: Stadium Art – Football, Baseball, Professional, College- so many options!

Image result for philadelphia eagles

Little Shoutout here…

The Workaholic

He seems to always be at work, he may be an executive or an entrepreneur. Either way, you know he’s doing it for your future!

$1-$50: Trtl Neck Pillow – Nobody wants a kinked neck on a business trip!

$51-$200: A Full Body Massage – Give him an hour to unplug from work and relax.

$200+: Exotic Car Autocross – Let dad let loose for an afternoon in a Ferrari!

The New Dad

Welcome to fatherhood, bud! It can be his first or seventh. Each time is scary and unique!

$1-$50: Diaper Backpack – Give Dad his own Diaper Bag to run errands in style

$51-$200: The Night Sky – Give him a print of the sky when his little one was born

$200+: 23andMe Complete Kit: Learn more about yourself as you start your family!

I hope you found something for the dad in your life!

Love, Chel

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