Healthy Grab & Go Items to Get Back on Track!

Most of us want to be a bit healthier when the New Year hits. After all the parties filled with sugar, wine and fried foods over the holiday season, my body is so ready for a surge of vegetables and vitamins. Unfortunately, being more organized and meal prepping is NOT one of my resolutions because I know myself and it’s just not happening. In case you are like me, I put together the below list of my favorite healthy products that are perfect for a busy lifestyle, desk lunch or weekend grab and go!

Bru Broth

 I love this bone broth brand because it actually has flavor! I have tried a number of bone broths and they just take like chicken water, you know? I also love the different options. My favorites are the Hot Greens Chicken and the Turmeric. Superfoods and skin boosting collagen? Yes pleeeease.

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Project Juice SubZero Foods

I discovered this by following a health instagrammer KaleJunkie and I am completely obsessed. These smoothies are my breakfast 5-6 times a day, it’s so easy to throw it all in my Nutribullet, whip it up and head to the train! There are so many different flavors and the price point is so much lower than if you went a bought a smoothie or bowl at a store. My favorites are the Coffee Banana Collagen (like a coffee milkshake!), Mint Cacao Banana Chlorella (tastes like chocolate mint ice cream!) and the Kale Mango Avocado Granola bowl. I have always despised bananas but Project Juice completely changed my mind! Note: I always add a big handful of organic spinach to every smoothie, it doesn’t change the taste and ups the nutrition a ton!

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Another Northern California brand that makes my life on the go so easy. I am a soup fanatic, Summer or Winter, doesn’t matter. Gimme dat. I keep a big mug at my office so I can pour one of these in it, blast it with the microwave and sip on it at work. My go to flavors are Avocado Kale, Cucumber Avocado and Tomatillo Kale Jalapeno. They recently introduced soups with collagen which I love. Seeing a pattern here? Admittedly they are a bit more expensive than I like but when I am needing my vegetables quickly, these are worth it. Note: They are cheaper at places like Whole Foods than online!

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Urban Remedy

I have been an Urban Remedy since their inception thanks to their Glow Green Juice but they are so much more than that! They have meal plans for every dietary need, so many dairy free and vegan options and amazing meal replacements! I’m obsessed with the Green Berry Smoothie, the Soba Noodles with Almond Butter dressing and the Spring rolls! If you are ever in San Francisco, you have to stop by their brick and mortar in the Marina. You will feel healthier just standing in front of it and if you are used to buying their stuff at Whole Foods (me), they have so many different items in their own store!

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Dirty Lemon

I truly thought this was going to be a silly Instagram fad but after seeing it pop up in my Ads for FOREVER and doing some research on my own, I decided to give it a try and noooow I’m obsessed. They have many different lines and I use the Charcoal cleanse and Collagen options. Collagen, I know, you are shocked. Especially during January, the charcoal feels great at the end of my day instead of a glass of wine, my body is begging for a detox after the past month of binging wine and sugar! Have you tried any of their other lines? I want to hear!

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