Honeymoon Finale: The Emerald Isle!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the final stretch. We’ve made it. You’ve read all about the food of Amsterdam, the sights of Paris and the walking war of London and now it’s time to wrap up our online odyssey together. I will cherish this time together as I am sure you will as well.

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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

After London, we headed to Heathrow (much to my husbands chagrin because he hates this airport with the fiery rage of 1000 suns) and took off for Shannon Airport! We flew Aer Lingus and it was pretty miserable, to be honest. Like we have discussed, my husband is not vertically challenged and I swear you lose at least 6 inches of leg room. They also sell the most interesting in flight refreshments and I was lucky enough to sit next to a gentlemen who ate grape and potato chip sandwiches because I LOVE THE SOUND OF HEARING STRANGERS CHEWING. Gaaaaawsh. After what felt like 40 days and 40 nights, we made it to Sharon Airport! It’s a cute, little airport, land on the tarmac a mile away little, got through customs and headed over to the rental car space! NOTE: If you are ever renting a car in Ireland, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. They have the craziest rules and they hold A LOT on your credit card so just know what you’re getting into.

After all of that, we got our car and headed off to Adare Manor! Guys, I have never laughed so hard and been so anxious at the same time as I was driving with my husband in Ireland. We splurged for an Automatic (THANK BABY JESUS) because it is so sketchy driving on the other side of the road and the other drivers have absolutely no patience for Americans. It was hysterical but we finally arrived and IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. We went through the gate and the friendliest gentleman told us how to get to the Manor. We passed beautiful expansive lawns, a side for “falconry” (I KNOOOOW!), the golf course and finally drove up to this:



This is Adare Manor in County Limerick and it is my all time favorite place I have ever stayed. It was originally the home of an Earl and it’s so lavish. Everything was draped in velvet and candlelight. The staff was absolutely incredible and constantly made fun of my husband for having a first name as a last name. It was killing us the whole time. We also found out that we were one of the last people to stay here because they were about to close for a year to two year renovation and completely redoing the hotel so we can’t wait to go back and compare!

After we checked in, we spent a decent amount of time relaxing on this crazy amazing bed and oggling the bathroom that was larger than our condo and then decided to go explore the grounds and local town! Adare is a very small, tight knit community and one of the first things we stumbled upon was Aunty Lena’s so we had to stop in!


The best sign!

It was the cutest plaaaaaaaace! There were kids running around in their soccer uniforms as their parents were chatting and bartending. It was just exactly what you imagine a little Irish community to be! It was also an amazing place to have our first Guiness in Ireland!


They grow up so fast!

We walked around a bit more and headed back to Adare Manor.We had the most amazing night and we have no pictures because we left our phones in the room and it was sooooo refreshing! We went and enjoyed a bottle of wine at the Oak Room and discussed our favorite moments from the past few cities and our excitement for the rest of the trip. If you ever get the chance, you must, must, must stay at Adare Manor. I guarantee it will be such a special memory. We were so sad to leave but were ready to head to Cork!

We were on the road again, obviously since teleportation apparently still isn’t a thing, almost peed my pants from almost dying and laughing so hard and enjoyed the amazing country side. Driving in Ireland still gives my husband nightmares so in order to attempt to forget those memories, below are a few other highlights from Ireland!

I Mean, Let’s Celebrate That We Are Still Alive!

On our way to Cork, we saw a sign for Blarney Castle! I don’t know how the planner in me didn’t realize that we were so close! Of course we had to stop.


So artsy with the InstaFilter, Amirite?

This was actually an absolute blast. The grounds are massive so even though there was a good amount of people there, we never felt like a sardine. I would highly, highly suggest the Poison Garden, it was so interesting! There have a marijuana plant and watching the highschoolers try to be super cool around it and impress each other was almost worth the whole trip. They let you climb up the castle and there’s all sorts of fun informational signs to let you know what room you are in and any interesting facts about it. We finally got up to the top and this lovely older couple asked if we would take a picture, of course! I love that! I took one or two photos of them and they were so grateful so we asked them to do the same for us and THIS OLDER MAN GAVE US OUR OWN PHOTO SHOOT. He took a picture from literally every angle and even got on the FLOOR. I felt like such a jackass afterwards lol. UGH. Picture below. We then of course had to kiss the stone which was fun and so, so gross for the germaphobe in me. These two men are up there and they gran you by the legs and you flip backwards, Matrix style, and kiss this block. We didn’t get the gift of tongues but we did get a cold, so. There’s that. No regrets.


He was straight up on his stomach for this picture

We left and got to Cork where we stayed at Hayfield Manor. Another adorable stay in Ireland, same excellent service and food. I just love this Country! All the rooms are decorated differently and they are so incredibly classy and luxurious. GUYS, I am seriously dying just writing this. We also had an incredible view of University College Cork and it looks just like Hogwarts! We didn’t do much in Cork, we were so tired and heading to Dublin the next day so we just walked down to the city, looked at the architecture and grabbed some dinner. Because of the College, there’s a lot of bars and a younger crowd so I imagine the Night Life is great! There were also a ton of families staying at the manor so there must be a lot of family friendly activities too! I do want to revisit Hayfield but for Christmas. We were there at the end of September and they were already advertising for their AMAZING Christmas celebrations. That will be the first International Christmas Trip we take our family on for sure! Also, this was the best breakfast we had at any place we stayed. I had pancakes (SO GOOD!) and my husband had a traditional Irish Breakfast, again. Side Note: Black Pudding is terrifying but you have to try it to say you tried it.


This is from the Hayfield Manor website, the view right when you pull up. So adorable!

After checking out (and a fight between my husband and I because I shattered my phone screen from dropping it after I told him I was more responsible than him. oops.), we got back into our Automatic Irish Death Trap and headed to Dublin! We were so excited! I’m not sure if it was Dublin or dropping off that damn car that we were most excited about…

Full disclosure: We were EXHAUSTED by the time we got to Dublin and we were both fighting horrific colds (Blarney Castle or Cramped Airplane, you decide) so, we didn’t do or see much, and definitely didn’t take many photos since we both looked like the Pre-Nyquil actor in a flu-season ad, but here are a few highlights!

We stayed at The Merrion. We got a cab from the car rental office to the hotel and the taxi driver said it was a beautiful hotel and that Rihanna had just stayed there so, we were sold immediately. The hotel is very beautiful and the rooms were great but the gardens were the most amazing part! A picture of them someone else had the idea to take because they are smarter than I am.



We did have one of the best meals of the entire trip in Dublin! It was at a place called Las Tapas de Lola and it was INCREDIBLE! Just put your name in and they will call you when your seat is ready. If it’s a chilly night, they have a wonderful heated patio and the owners are wonderful. Our favorites were the Chorizo Criollo (my husband would eat a brick if it had chorizo on it), Bomba de la Barceloneta (meatballs!), Pulpo a la gallega (octopus and potatoes and I still dream about it), Queso Cordobes (Grilled Goat cheese which I didn’t even realize what a frickin’ thing but it should be on every menu everywhere) and then we washed it all down with Churros with chocolate dip. And when I say we, I mean I ate them when he went to the bathroom because Marriage. Guys, if you are in Dublin, go here!

We also checked out a great mix of local bars, anything from a local dive with some great beer to fancy cocktails. Our favorite by far was Peruke & Periwig (a short walk from Lola’s!) This is one of those incredible craft cocktail places that make things based on what you like in a cocktail, and even some things you didn’t realize you liked! It’s best to make a reservation on their website before hand. We were lucky that they had a little table available for us for around 45 minutes. It was good because we didn’t drink as much as we would have but we would have loved to stay longer! They had a smoking cocktail I was absolutely enthralled with but apparently my husband thinks it’s a fire hazard to attempt it at home. Whatevs.

The last day we honestly did NOTHING. We didn’t want our amazing vacation to end so we ordered room service all day, emptied the mini bar and watched Rugby and rented movies. It was so incredible and a perfectly relaxing way to end this whirlwind of a honeymoon. It also left so much to be desired from Dublin so we have no excuse not to go back! Below is part of our over priced but so worth it room service order.


Always gotta add the Fries…

Well thank you to you all for reading all about our incredible honeymoon! Please reach out if you have any questions on any of the places we stayed, ate at or visited and please share your favorites that I missed from these stops!


BONUS PICTURE: We were bored on the flight. It’s not easy being beautiful but somebody’s gotta do it…



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