Honeymoon Part Deux: The City Of Love!

Welcome back to my salute to Valentine’s Week with a look back at our incredible honeymoon in Europe! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day with your loved ones! I’m sure you read all about Amsterdam already in my previous and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat for the next stop on our adventure which…is…Paris!

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We got to Paris from Amsterdam on the train and it was sooo easy to navigate the terminals which is so great in a new city. My girlfriend who planned the whole trip had our tickets sent to us ahead of time and put us in first class so it was all just delightful. What’s not delightful you ask, train food! My husband was honestly so dumbfounded on what we were served. So, I totally get they don’t have warmers on trains like they do on airplanes and that’s fiiiiine but don’t serve something cold that should be warmed like…wait for it…MEATLOAF. Thank goodness it came with some jam and crackers that I was able to scarf down in between my fits of giggles from watching my husband poke his cold Loaf O’ Meat on his plate. We got to Paris, starving, grabbed a taxi to our hotel to drop off our stuff and start exploring! We stayed at Hotel d’Aubusson and it was incredible! The staff is well worth any money you would spend on this boutique hotel and it was a great location and walking distance to some great sights! Just look at that façade.

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After dropping off our stuff like a hot potato and brushing my hair, we headed out to enjoy the city! As we’ve discussed, we were starving and ran into a crepe right down the street so we decided to grab one to hold us over for sightseeing until we could get a real dinner. THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. I decided “heck, we are in the City of Love, I’m going to treat myself with a Grand Marnier Crepe” and it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Absolutely top 5. They just pour the Grand Marnier right on the crepe while it’s cooking and there’s fire and fairies and I’m pretty sure a genie came out and granted me three wishes and each one was to eat this crepe again and again. And I sure did for those three days! As I was walking on Cloud 9, we decided to head and see some sights, eat some more food and enjoy! Some of my favorite highlights below:

Paris has something for any one and cigarette smoke for everyone!

  • Paris really is the place to not worry about seeming like a tourist when it comes to what you want to see. We walked all day every day and still didn’t see everything! Our first night there we stopped and took some photos in front of Notre Dame, it is soooo gorgeous! We returned on Sunday Morning for mass, which was in Latin, and I highly recommend it, even if you aren’t Catholic (I am not, my husband is) it’s such an experience being in that amazing of a place and seeing the locals that come every Saturday! We also spend more than half a day in the Louvre. Pleeeease, I beg of you, if you are going to visit the Louvre, get your ticket before hand because the line is insane and take your time! It’s worth taking the time to see everything you want to see.

A picture in front is a must, even if you have to stand on your tippie-toes because of your tall husband.

  • Of course, the Eiffel Tower is a must, I actually almost slept through going but my husband forced me to wake up and I’m glad I did! I highly suggest going at night for the light show. It was so incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring. It’s one of those attractions that is even better in person than it is in photos.

Make sure to get a really good picture of you and your significant other in front of it like us…

  • There’s so many historical buildings as a Literature Nerd, I was so excited to try haunts like Le Deux Magots and Café de la Paix but there is just so many people everywhere and everyone and their dog smokes and as someone who is sensitive to the smell, I was struggling at most places, especially stuffed like a sardine on the patios! If it doesn’t bother you too much, definitely check out these historical places and write where the greats did! Since I couldn’t tolerate sitting outside most of the restaurants, I got my Lit Fix at Shakespeare and Company which is a total must for anyone!

Just look at how cute this is! It’s right out of a Story Book!

  • As for food and drinks, there wasn’t as much I was DYING to try in Paris than there was in Amsterdam but there is still a lot of musts other than the euphoric crepe! Champagne, OBVIOUSLY. I drank so much champagne and St. Germaine that I think it was 95% of my bloodstream by the time we left for the train station. One of your meals must be a Croque-monsieur with a side of fries as well as grabbing a baguette and some fresh fruit and cheese from the thousands of stands and parking for some people watching and a picnic! For breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a freshly baked croissant and an espresso! Note that each restaurant is different in the way they serve. Some want you to order at the counter and carry to your table and some will send a waiter to serve you. I never got it right even with a 50/50 chance so if you figure out how, please let me know. For dessert, a trip to Paris is not complete without savoring the moment you bite into your first Laduree macaron! Just beware, there is some FUNKY food out there! Know exactly what you’re ordering or you may end up with Andouillette: a sausage made of pig and veal instestines. Guys, it was so horrific but the waiters didn’t think I’d finish it so I ate every last drop just to stick it to them. Did I want to die afterwards? Of course. Would I do it again for my pride? Of course. 

Espresso every morning is the only way to start your day in Paris, whichever way you get it!


The cutest bar we stumbled upon called Freddy’s! Shocker, I got Champagne.

I, of course, enjoyed Paris and all it had to offer in sights and delicious food but it was going to be tough for any city to follow Amsterdam and it didn’t really stand up. The Parisians definitely will let you know that they don’t enjoy tourists so just go in knowing they aren’t there to be your friend and you will do better than us! I’d like to visit again one day but it’s not too near the top of our upcoming International Adventures.

Next up on our excursion? LONDON, BABY! Post will be up tomorrow as we continue to celebrate the week of love.



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