How to Get Out of the Inevitable Slump

We all have those days where working on our day job, side hustle, blog, social media accounts, etc., sounds about as fun as eating glass at our ex’s house with his new flame. Awful. It sounds AWFUL. If you don’t have any of those days, share whatever you have in your medicine cabinet, please.

I know this mostly because, as you may have noticed, there were no new blog posts on The City Society last week. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

When you’re having one of these days (or weeks), what do you do to get back on track and get back to work? Below are 5 things I strive to do to get back on track and be more productive:

Batch Scheduling

I learned about Batch Scheduling listening to the “She Did It Her Way” Podcast and it CHANGED my life! Batch Scheduling is when you set time aside and only do ONE thing during that time. So, for example, 8am-9am is only emails. No getting distracted with Social Media, Conference Calls, Workouts, nothing. I found this to be so helpful because I can get so distracted by doing 15 different things at one time and in turn get nothing done.

Search For Inspiration

This can mean so many things for so many different people. For me, it’s listening to my favorite girl-powered podcasts (Goal Digger or Almost 30 are my go-to’s at the moment). Nothing makes me want to work harder on my blog or brand more than hearing others that made it happen. Hearing their stories about how hard they worked and how much it all paid off is usually all I need to buckle down and get to work.

Find A Way To Save Some Time

We talked about Batch Scheduling which is great to get focused on a particular subject but there’s only so much time in the day to get everything done and that’s especially true with a side hustle if you’ve got a full time job on top of it. I suggest, and of course this is based on personal budgets and finances, but find a way to save time. Have someone deliver your groceries once a week, deep clean your house once a month, deliver dinner once a week, etc. It’s amazing how taking one little errand off your to-do list can save you!

Remember Why You’re Actually Doing It

I start by making a list of why I even started this project, job, relationship, etc. in the first place. Sometimes that can be hard when you’re in this kind of slump so I like to call a friend and just talk it out. If this is something worth getting through this slump for, you’ve talked your close friends and families ears off about it so call them and let them remind you of your passion! It’s also a good time to just complain. complaining can be totally therapeutic. Don’t hold it in!

Take a Damn Day or Two Off

THIS! This is so important. You neeeeeeed a break sometimes. We are all so dialed in to our phones, computers, tablets, and all things technology that we are all going crazy! Some of my best posts and work came after I unplugged for a week in the mountains with my husband. Did I lose IG followers? Ohhh yeah! Did I care? Okay, a little at first but then I realized they are not my tribe. They are not the people I want to be following me. I want the people who follow me to be the ones that know how important it is to take a tech cleanse and look forward to what I came up while I was out there.

What are some ways that you get over the “I don’t want to do this anymore” slump? I’d love to hear all your ideas!

Love, Chelsea

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