How To Save Your Skin While Traveling

Well, it’s official. I am in the last year of my 20’s. I didn’t think it would bother me at all because I truly do embrace getting older. I mean, I like who I am now a hell of a lot more than I did when I was in my early 20’s. Wellllllll, I thought wrong. Since I have been home from my birthday vacation, I am like a different person. I’m not saying that I am going to abstain from alcohol, drink a green juice everyday and cut out dairy forever but I am definitely taking some steps to ensure I age the way I want to age for myself.

That diatribe brings me to the topic of this post: My Best Skincare Travel Tips so when you land, you don’t have to look like the girl above.

I have been a skincare junkie for quite a few years. Moooostly because I have zero talent in makeup application so I might as well focus on my skin but no matter how good I am leading up that airplane ride, the moment I step on that plane my body and skin feel DREADFUL.

It has taken me awhile to perfect my routine but I hope you can find some of the tips below useful for your next trip!


Drink All The Water!

This is absolutely hands down the number one thing you can do for your body and skin before, during, and after your airplane ride. Anti-Inflammatory Tea is great as well! Not only will it help your skin to stay hydrated, it will also help keep you regular because nothing is worse than an international flight followed by constipation. Somebody had to say it. This brings me to…

Put Down The Alcohol

Listen, I am just as upset about this as you are but I guarantee you will be less upset about this than you will be about having shit skin and chapped lips for the first few days of your trip. If you cannot imagine flying without a drink in your hand make sure you…

Pack all the Masks

ALL the masks. I’m talking face, lip, undereye, hand, and feet. I am talking the disposable sheet versions here. I don’t suggest bringing a rinse off mask because that just sounds messy but you do you. My favorite brands are Burt’s Bees, Tarte (the best eye gels EVA), Dr. Jart and Yes To! I like to do my masks all at the same time and I will usually start when the captain announces the begin of our descent because for some reason that seems to take 5 hours every time. Don’t worry about who is judging you (my husband) because you are going to land looking FRESH. If you want to look FRESH AAAAAND DEWY…


Stick A Rose Water Spray in That Carry On

Rose spray is incredible. I will use it about once an hour during a flight (I can never sleep even though I bought the world’s most expensive travel pillow that feels like I’d rather be awake) to feel refreshed the whole flight. I even got my husband addicted to this stuff! The only other thing I can get him to use on the plane is…

A Thick Heavy Moisturizer

The brand you use will depend on the type of skin you have but since mine is severely dry, I like to use Tata Harper Crรจme Riche when I am feeling boujie and The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream when my wallet is not. I put this on whenever I am starting to feel dry on my face throughout the flight. Note: My Dermatologist said to watch this is you have oilier skin. One application in the AM and one in the middle of your flight with an oil free moisturizer will do. I also pack a heavy body moisturizer (I always keep it fragrance free since I am already being a nuisance) and massage my arms and legs during the flight. Not only does this help with dryness but it’s also great to not get all puffy and bloated and have every seam of your leggings (shh we are all wearing leggings on the plane) indented into your poor legs. You know what eeeeelse helps with fluid retention?

Take the Right Supplements

Outside of my usual Hum regiment, I always take Magnesium and a Probiotic especially when I am traveling. The Magnesium helps to combat fluid retention and the probiotic will help to keep you regular. Remember, no one wants international constipation. It’s just not okay.


A Few Other Important Tips:

  • Pack healthy snacks or pick up a salad or fruits and veggies at the airport. Your taste buds change while flying and, to make the food edible, airlines just PACK their food with salt. That will help neither your skin or your stomach.
  • Keep the air vent ON and FULL BLAST. I know there was that story that came out where it was dirty air and whatever but that’s completely unfounded. Not only will you not have to sit in a mens locker room sauna (aka airplane without constant air), the circulation will help ward off your gross neighbors cold.
  • Don’t be afraid to look like a freak and stand up and walk around. Even if it means walking to the bathroom so much that the whole plane thinks you have a UTI. Not only will it keep you sane, but it will help with your circulation! If this is still a big problem for you like it is for me, invest in some compression socks, they’re amazing.

I am hoping to adopt more of these skincare tips into my every day (ALMOST 30) life and not just while traveling. What am I missing?!

See you soon,


Starting my little brother young so he’s more open to skincare than my husband!

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