Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Well ya’ll, somehow I got a cold IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST! What is that about? Colds should show a little bit of respect and stick to rearing their ugly head when at least it’s cold outside.

When I get sick, I revert back to being in 7th grade, I swear. It’s the weirdest phenomenon. All I want is Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti’s and snack mix. to be fair, Zicam is to be taken on a full stomach so you don’t get sick! I’m just over here following directions. Other than middle school junk food, I want to LAUGH. Like, feel like I’m gonna vomit, belly hurting laughing. If you are the same as me, or just looking for a good cackle, below are my favorite movies, shows and specials that are taking my mind off my pathetic little cold.

Elder Millenial by Iliza Shlesinger (Netflix)

Oh myyyy gaaaawsh. You guys have to watch this or you’re life will not be complete. There’s no way I can even pick a favorite part. Even my husband was dyyyyyiiiiing the entire time. We’ve watched it three times now and I plan to watch it at least 30 more.

Travels with My Father (Netflix)

This short series follows comedian Jack Whitehall as he travels all over Southeast Asia with his father who has much different tastes and hilarity ensues. Some of the dad’s one liners will forever be a part of my conversations now. I was so sad to see this series end and hope they make a second season because these two are comedy gold.

Life of the Party (On Demand or Redbox)

Do people Redbox anymore…? Anyways, I am pretty much a fan of almost anything Melissa McCarthy does and this one might be my favorite thanks to the addition of Maya Rudolph. There are a couple scenes that include the two of them and I almost fell off the couch. Any movie that has a few “Omg rewind that, I want to watch it again” is a winner in my book.

Bonus: If you love Melissa McCarthy like I do, watch her interviews with Ellen. Especially the ones where she talks about her parents and daughters. SOOOO FUNNY.

Kathleen Madigan Stand-Up (Netflix)

Kathleen Madigan is a stand-up comic from an Irish Catholic family that was raised in Missouri. She has two hilarious specials on Netflix: “Bothering Jesus” and “Gone Madigan”. Both are hysterical so I can’t pick just one but they are the kind of specials that I texted my entire family (we are Irish) about half way through the first one and told them they had to watch it immediately.

Hopefully these come in handy if you need a good laugh sometime soon! What are some of your favorite shows that are guaranteed to make your stomach hurt? I’m always looking for new ideas!



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