What is The City Society?

What is a Lifestyle Concierge?

Concierge: Someone whose job it is to assist with arranging tours, making theater and restaurant reservations.

We at the City Society take it a bit further.

We want to help you find the perfect:

Outfit For Any Occasion

Weekend Getaway

Clean Skincare Products

Foods for Health and Beauty

Date Night Ideas

Party Planning Prep and Set-Up

Moving to a big city was a huge adjustment for me. What’s amazing about living in a city is how it opens your eyes to so many things! I fell in love with Fashion, Style and Shopping on a new level I never had before. I actually started paying attention to accessories, the way patterns looked together, and what the newest trends are and how I could put my own feminine spin on them. Outside of Fashion, I started exploring so many different restaurants, cuisines, and the people behind the food. Meeting and talking to them just to fall in love with them and their stories, not just their food, totally changed the way I looked at going out. Then, on top of Food and Fashion which is EVERYTHING, I fell in love with everything there was to actually DO here! The date nights, the family outings, the hikes, the nightclubs, the wine bars, the picnic spots, the locally owned shops, just everything.

That’s a short story long but The City Society is here to share my experiences surviving my Almost-30’s living in a big city for the first time. Although I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, another thing I love about a city is that anything I do here, you can do where you are.

I want to build a community around living your best life regardless of where you live! I promise to not only share my life with you, but also share how you can do the same if you’d like!